Friday 9 November 2012

ummm perfume

i have a little collection of perfumes now, my most recent purchase being the jack wills english velvet [ummm smells lovely!!!] 

i can be quite particular about my perfumes finding some smell a bit bleachy but this one definitely doesn't it has an almost warming snugly type of smell, great for this time of year!!! jack wills describes it as 'rich and aromatic scent opens with notes of delicate fig and pink grapefruit followed by feminine tones of neroli, rose petals, softest freesia and alluring amber, sandalwood and musk' which may make sense to any perfume connoisseur, to me i just know it smells lovely!!! it comes in a box with the iconic jack wills pink and blue stripe inside which is adorned on many of their items

i do sometimes find myself pining after some of their clothes, accessorises, home ware ohh and their beauty range... but it can be soo expensive!!!  yes as well as staring at their clothing i have been looking at their beauty range which includes makeup, body butters, makeup brushes and makeup bags all with great designs, they even have a nail varnish range retailing at £6.50 each for 14ml.

they have some great things in for winter, just need that money tree!!!

love alice

Tuesday 30 October 2012

warm head !!!

brrr it is definitely chillier outside so time to keep my head warm when venturing outside [especially to minimise to rudolph red nose effect!!!]
fur headband from miss selfridge/ scarf from h&m
i love my faux fur headband, really cosy and doesn't seem to mess hair up too much [or in my case, any more than usual] yay!!!

penfield hat from urban outfitters
i love woolly hats, or cotton less itchy!!! but i don't wear them a lot. when i saw this hat i just loved it [look at the lovely snowflake!!!], i also really like penfield clothing but it is usually soo expensive, but this little number wasn't, so out came the debit card and it was purchased!!!

there seems to be lots of great head wear out there at the moment, yay to warm heads!!!
has anyone else found some great head wear? how do you keep a warm head?

love alice

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Friday 26 October 2012

urban outfitters!!!

so while perusing the internet as i do [ahem, everyday] i visited the urban outfitters website and didn't go straight to the clothes but had a look through their non clothing items and it was great fun [yep lots of giggles to myself!!!] anyway i came across quite a few items, which if i had lots of money to spare, may find themselves purchased.

these are just two books from a collection all about great fashion designers

ahh classic the polaroid camera/
clipboard mirror which i thought was a great idea for memos, fave pictures or inspirational fashion pictures/
the cookie monster, just because he is the cookie monster of course!!!

tooth brush holder, they come in several animals and i think are great for travelling, [better than a bit of tissue wrapped around the end of a brush, which i may have done a few times]/
a phone for a phone, ok may look a bit silly but i was thinking its a great way to look at things on a mobile while talking to someone on the phone, maybe/
camper van tent, i always used to want a vw camper and this tent seems like a cheaper option

reindeer makeup bag, love reindeers!!!/
highlighters looking like nail varnishes, making any highlighting paperwork a bit more fun!!!/
scrabble mugs, ahh word games

camera phone case/
to do list notepad, they do sell smaller ones also but whenever i make lists several pages are usually needed/
cadburys mug, ummm hot chocolate!!!

fashionary, it is like a note book but with outlines of a women model, the do sell a male version too, on some of the pages where outfits can be created, reminded me that i used to sketch clothes when at school on bits of paper and i love a notebook!!!/
sandwich pencil case, other food items available!!!/
christmas cookie monster!!! 

baby reindeer christmas decoration, yes christmas i love christmas!!!/
whisk with king kong inside, making cooking even more fun!!!/
clock, to nosey at what time it is in other places in the world!!!

looking urban outfitters website, so much fun!!!

love alice

Saturday 20 October 2012


prints prints prints!!! exploring the fashion world at the moment and it is likely that you will come across an abundance of prints; there is not really one stand out print at the moment, rails are full of leopard print, dogtooth, digital prints, tartan [i love a tartan scarf!!!], geometric prints, floral...

and one item of clothing is not restricted to one type of print either, the sight of clashing prints is not a rare sight on the high street, in the world of prints it is printastic!!!

available from asos and river island

here are two clashing print dresses i found, the designs are very 'out there' and not really something i would wear but definitely show of the trend of prints!!!
i do love prints though but generally stick to one print per item of clothing and then maybe clash the single items together to make an outfit, depending on how i feel!!!

here are some prints to maybe give a bit of print'speration, [loving the made up words!!!] aha!!!

all from asos
leopard print, which seems to be purring away in the fashion world

purse, beige jumper, dress from river island,  black and white jumper, skirt from asos, coat from topshop
dogtooth print seems to be very popular at the moment and not just in the classic black and white!!!

shirt, trousers, bag, blouse from asos, wellies from topshop, leggings from miss selfridge
geometric prints in various shapes and colours are hitting the fashion world!!!

so sooo many prints !!!

love alice

Sunday 14 October 2012


i love coats and living in england they are really useful what ever time of year but especially in the autumn and winter!!! so this time of year the great debacle over which coat to invest in [i'm mean they are not the cheapest of items] brings the chaos of decision making [i find it really difficult to make decisions, ahhhhh].
there are soo many types of coats and then variations within that type, humm... so i find choosing a coat type to suit an activity helps in narrowing down the abundance of choices, and then having one or two coats for each activity, for example shopping or going out for a meal, helps in the moment of 'which coat to wear' before going out.

i love the clothing empire of asos, and have used their website and their many options to resource finding a great coat to suit a variety of activities:

smart belted coat, can be worn for smarter occasions

quilted parker, really warm great for out walking in the cold!!!

the mac, great for in the rain, keeping clothes dry!!!

Quilted jacket, great for shopping, everyday coat

the cape

parka, great for everyday, keeping warm, out in the park[ahaa]!!!

duffel coat, cute!!!

jacket, great for shopping!!!

boyfriend jacket, great for keeping warm!!!
fur coat, warmth!!!

coats !!!

love alice

what i wore!!!

so often i don't necessarily co-ordinate my outfits through colour, i think mixtures of colours can be great and fashionesk, then sometimes, [ahh decisions] i do co-ordinate colours which can look slightly more 'high end fashion'. with this outfit i used the tan colour as a basis, which i think is great for the autumn and the fact it is soo sunny today!!!
 this outfit seems great for the autumn as it can be layered depending on whether inside or outside, and how cold it is [if i was outside for a while i'd probably end up with a long sleeve t-shirt under the blouse, the headband, scalf and a jacket... i find the cold!!!]

 headband miss selfridge
bag tk maxx
scalf h&m
shorts republic

i love these boots and their faux fur!!! and i also love this scalf, it is really long and snugly!!!

love alice

Wednesday 10 October 2012

bracelets and bracelets and bracelets

i love bracelets and love wearing lots of them too, and i have notice that bracelet stacking has been making lots of appearances in the fashion world and look magazine even has posted an article about it, the photos are great, i love looking through them!!!
not only does it look great as part of a whole outfit but the bracelets themselves, i think, make a great picture!!!

here is a photo of some of my #armswag throwing together lots of colours and styles

here's a smaller stack of bracelets which is a bit more refined [but i really love the clashing colour stacks also!!!]

love alice

autumn winter sweaters!!!

i have a real great love for lovely snugly winter sweaters, fair isle prints always catch my eye, hence the three purchased specimens below [though one is about two years old!!!] and these are from primark!!! so they have a great price tag. i find i'm quite selective when buying from primark, sometimes the quality isn't the best, but i found these jumpers to be great, they are warm and don't look cheap, yay. 

i love the snow flaky patterns [gets me a bit excited for 'christmas'!!!]

this ones about two years old but has lasted really well [minus a few bobbles, which always seems to happen with wool jumpers]. and i think these sweaters never really go out of fashion, yay!!!

love alice

Monday 8 October 2012

spring summer autumn winter #beauties

hello i thought i might write some posts about clothes and items which can be worn what ever the weather, items that do not need to be packed away into a summer or winter wardrobe [pleasing the money in the bank] and can be modeled anytime of the year, yay!!!


rimmel lasting finish lip stick in coral in gold

17 nail varnish called glisten, from boots

rimmel glam'eyes trio eye shadow in topaz 

in the summer i really liked the coraly golden shades as they reminded me of the glistening sun and summer days. now it is the autumn and the summer days seem over for another year, but i think these golden shades can still be used and now they remind me of the autumn leaves!!!

love alice

Tuesday 25 September 2012

My dog cory!!!

just a quick post of my dog cory sporting his new collar, which i totally think goes with is fur tone

love alice

Sunday 23 September 2012


zara stud jumper

studs seem to be everywhere in fashion at the moment and i love them [not just meaning male models], often a studded item can be quite expensive, sooo why not decorate some clothes with some studs yourself, its really easy!!! 

first pick out an item of clothes to stud and then buy some suitably sized studs, they are usually really cheap and available from a haberdashery or online, i got mine from fabricland

there are studs that need to be stuck on and ones which have little spikes which get pushed through the fabric, then the spikes get folded over gripping to the clothes, i find these ones easier as you don't need to get messy with glue or wait for them to dry!!! but it is a good idea to use something like a little spoon to fold the spikes as they can be quite sharp [my spiked thumb agrees]

the studs can be put in any design, i decided to do studded shoulders

i also put some studs around the sleeves, it kind of looks like a bracelet [and i love bracelets, yay]

it's easy

love alice