Sunday 14 October 2012


i love coats and living in england they are really useful what ever time of year but especially in the autumn and winter!!! so this time of year the great debacle over which coat to invest in [i'm mean they are not the cheapest of items] brings the chaos of decision making [i find it really difficult to make decisions, ahhhhh].
there are soo many types of coats and then variations within that type, humm... so i find choosing a coat type to suit an activity helps in narrowing down the abundance of choices, and then having one or two coats for each activity, for example shopping or going out for a meal, helps in the moment of 'which coat to wear' before going out.

i love the clothing empire of asos, and have used their website and their many options to resource finding a great coat to suit a variety of activities:

smart belted coat, can be worn for smarter occasions

quilted parker, really warm great for out walking in the cold!!!

the mac, great for in the rain, keeping clothes dry!!!

Quilted jacket, great for shopping, everyday coat

the cape

parka, great for everyday, keeping warm, out in the park[ahaa]!!!

duffel coat, cute!!!

jacket, great for shopping!!!

boyfriend jacket, great for keeping warm!!!
fur coat, warmth!!!

coats !!!

love alice


  1. I love coats as well though I find it hard to commit because it's something you have to wear everyday for a long time! I really like that first belted coat, so classic


  2. I'm on the hunt for a coat at the moment because my very favourite one has ripped :( I've bought a cheap one from Primark to make do but I find it so hard to find a coat i'd be happy to wear all the time. Thanks for the ideas! I'd quite like a duffle coat I think xx Lizz