Friday 29 March 2013

pin it!!! #12

love Alice

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Wednesday 27 March 2013

OIW - peace man!!! (OOTD)

 I decided to call these posts 'outfit I wore' aka 'OIW', I toyed with other names like the more famous OOTD (outfit of the day) and WIWT (what I wore today) but I thought that when I post the outfit I probably didn't wear it that day and I may have worn more than one outfit that day which I like sooo not wanting to mislead any readers I thought OIW would do the job, and it kinda sounds funny [though that may just be in my mind]

this OIW is a little bit festival inspired but suitable for the colder weather too, actually it is snowing outside at the moment and when I took these pictures it was freezing, notice the Primark super cosy tights and long sleeve t-shirt!!!

skirt= Topshop, cardigan= Urban Outfitters, top= Topshop, boots= Miss Selfridge, super cosy tights= Primark, necklace= Primark and my own, watch= Micheal Kors, bracelet= Accessorize

I really like my Urban Outfitters cardigan, I tried it on when I was shopping with my mum in my old university city of Bath a few weekends ago but actually bought it off their website as they had a discount, yes!!! it is knitted so can be worn layered up now or to keep warm in summer evenings, or daytimes actually knowing British weather!!! it even has a neon triangle, a nod to the catwalks.
I wore my super cosy tights for a bit of warmth, but I think when it's warmer this outfit would look great with natural tights or bare legs!!!

I love festival clothing and I think it definitely does not have to just be worn to festivals!!!

love Alice

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Tuesday 26 March 2013

lip colour of the week!!! Bourjois rouge edition 11

ok I have become slightly addicted to buying lipsticks, from a collection of one very old lipstick I smudged on my lips a few years ago and a few unused lip glosses, I have quite a collection now and have been really enjoying getting my lipstick on and wearing a variety of shades. 
sooo I thought i could post a lip colour of the week to share my lovely lip colours and kind of for me to keep a list of ones I have and try not to get stuck in a rut of always using the same one [I'm thinking about you, eyeshadow I always use]

ooo and when I run out of lipsticks to post, it is a great excuse to buy another one, yay!!!

so here you go...

(sorry about the fuzzy photo, taken with my phone)

I really like the colour of this lipstick, I have the Rimmel apocalypse in stella which is kind of a brighter shinier version which I like the colour of but this lipstick is a better everyday lipstick and is less shiny but still nourishing. the lipstick is very pigmented and the colour lasts really well, even when I removed it at the end of the day my lips still had a pinky hint of it.
the colour is quite pink but with hints of peach and coral in it, in some lights it looks more pink and in some lights a little bit orange, but I think this lipstick is more on the pink side.
yep I really really like this lipstick!!!

love Alice

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Monday 25 March 2013

hello hello hello!!!

HELLO!!! my blog has kind of been lacking in original content for a while and variety, and I have kind of, or I have, been relying on my pin it!!! posts to keep my blog going with at least one post a week. I think a lot, a lot a lot, a real alice in wonderland, and sometimes think soo much I can't decide what to do, hence lack of posts, anyway I have thought of various posts I could write and put a bit of life in my blog!!!

oo oo oo I also got another camera, a proper DSLR one, a Canon DSLR, yes!!! [fist pump in the air]

love Alice

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