Sunday 23 September 2012


zara stud jumper

studs seem to be everywhere in fashion at the moment and i love them [not just meaning male models], often a studded item can be quite expensive, sooo why not decorate some clothes with some studs yourself, its really easy!!! 

first pick out an item of clothes to stud and then buy some suitably sized studs, they are usually really cheap and available from a haberdashery or online, i got mine from fabricland

there are studs that need to be stuck on and ones which have little spikes which get pushed through the fabric, then the spikes get folded over gripping to the clothes, i find these ones easier as you don't need to get messy with glue or wait for them to dry!!! but it is a good idea to use something like a little spoon to fold the spikes as they can be quite sharp [my spiked thumb agrees]

the studs can be put in any design, i decided to do studded shoulders

i also put some studs around the sleeves, it kind of looks like a bracelet [and i love bracelets, yay]

it's easy

love alice

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  1. Looks awesome, you've done a great job! I've always been addicted to studs :3 xoxo