Wednesday 10 October 2012

bracelets and bracelets and bracelets

i love bracelets and love wearing lots of them too, and i have notice that bracelet stacking has been making lots of appearances in the fashion world and look magazine even has posted an article about it, the photos are great, i love looking through them!!!
not only does it look great as part of a whole outfit but the bracelets themselves, i think, make a great picture!!!

here is a photo of some of my #armswag throwing together lots of colours and styles

here's a smaller stack of bracelets which is a bit more refined [but i really love the clashing colour stacks also!!!]

love alice


  1. Loving these bracelets - so colourful!

  2. I love that teal-coloured bracelet in the bottom picture, very cute!

  3. Super cool the colors
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