Tuesday 30 October 2012

warm head !!!

brrr it is definitely chillier outside so time to keep my head warm when venturing outside [especially to minimise to rudolph red nose effect!!!]
fur headband from miss selfridge/ scarf from h&m
i love my faux fur headband, really cosy and doesn't seem to mess hair up too much [or in my case, any more than usual] yay!!!

penfield hat from urban outfitters
i love woolly hats, or cotton less itchy!!! but i don't wear them a lot. when i saw this hat i just loved it [look at the lovely snowflake!!!], i also really like penfield clothing but it is usually soo expensive, but this little number wasn't, so out came the debit card and it was purchased!!!

there seems to be lots of great head wear out there at the moment, yay to warm heads!!!
has anyone else found some great head wear? how do you keep a warm head?

love alice

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  1. Hats are one of my favourite accessories! That toque is so cute and the headband looks very chic!

  2. Love the headband. I want a similar one, and I really need a new hat

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