Friday 26 October 2012

urban outfitters!!!

so while perusing the internet as i do [ahem, everyday] i visited the urban outfitters website and didn't go straight to the clothes but had a look through their non clothing items and it was great fun [yep lots of giggles to myself!!!] anyway i came across quite a few items, which if i had lots of money to spare, may find themselves purchased.

these are just two books from a collection all about great fashion designers

ahh classic the polaroid camera/
clipboard mirror which i thought was a great idea for memos, fave pictures or inspirational fashion pictures/
the cookie monster, just because he is the cookie monster of course!!!

tooth brush holder, they come in several animals and i think are great for travelling, [better than a bit of tissue wrapped around the end of a brush, which i may have done a few times]/
a phone for a phone, ok may look a bit silly but i was thinking its a great way to look at things on a mobile while talking to someone on the phone, maybe/
camper van tent, i always used to want a vw camper and this tent seems like a cheaper option

reindeer makeup bag, love reindeers!!!/
highlighters looking like nail varnishes, making any highlighting paperwork a bit more fun!!!/
scrabble mugs, ahh word games

camera phone case/
to do list notepad, they do sell smaller ones also but whenever i make lists several pages are usually needed/
cadburys mug, ummm hot chocolate!!!

fashionary, it is like a note book but with outlines of a women model, the do sell a male version too, on some of the pages where outfits can be created, reminded me that i used to sketch clothes when at school on bits of paper and i love a notebook!!!/
sandwich pencil case, other food items available!!!/
christmas cookie monster!!! 

baby reindeer christmas decoration, yes christmas i love christmas!!!/
whisk with king kong inside, making cooking even more fun!!!/
clock, to nosey at what time it is in other places in the world!!!

looking urban outfitters website, so much fun!!!

love alice

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