Thursday 5 October 2017

great fair fun

hello hello
it's steam fair time, yay
so every year, at the end of August, the great Dorset steam fair steam, steams into the area, set up amongst quite a few fields, like a temporary city in the middle of the countryside. it's an awesome tradition and a day of great fun!

there is so much to explore, craft tents, food tents, vintage vehicles, animals, monster trucks, music trucks, music stands, beer tents, tractors... just in the first few fields

after spending some hours exploring the first few fields and rows and rows of car boot stores, the steam engines are reached, along with an awesome amount of food vendors, yass

and with an awesome sunset it is off to explore the fair ground, ferris wheel, bright lights and food, then dance through the night in the festival tent, before finding the car and a night road trip home

love Alice

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