Wednesday 20 February 2013

trend of the fashion week!!! monochrome

this weeks fashion trend post is not just black or white... it's monochrome!!!

monochrome is a definite trend at the moment being seen in many fashion campaigns and throughout the high street.
and the monochrome trend definitely hasn't limited itself to pain back and white stripes, no, monochrome is not as simple as it may seem, it has styles in a whole spectrum of patterns; stripes, polka dots, floral, animal print, tribal, geometric, the list goes on, as with the types of fabrics and textures being used; cotton, lace, chiffon, leather, fluffy fabric, sheer fabric, again the list goes on.

below are a few monochrome items I found while stalking the online shopping mall, aka the internet and some of my favorite fashion websites.

I love the monochromey floraly jumper.
the asos dress sports monochrome in a tribal print fashion.
I love the simple polka dot monochrome, as seen on the socks, which can easily add a bit of monochrome to an outfit.
the dress mixes stripes and floral in a monochrome way.
I love the simple black and white t-shirt dress, which could be dressed up or down.

the leather jacket and shorts may not be monochrome on there own but could easily be teamed with a white top for a monochrome look.
I really like the striped top and the trousers, versatile pieces.
the play suit sports a dog tooth, monochrome print.

the white blazer again is not monochrome on its own but teamed with a black dress or trousers, could be a real catwalk look.
I love the black and white pattern of the trousers.
zebra print dress, another monochrome print.
black and white colour blocking can be seen in the dress and shirt.

 above and below are a few monochrome inspired outfits I put together
of course colour can easily be added to any monochrome based outfit.

there are many ways to wear monochrome, it can be as simple as black trousers and a white shirt, but there is soo much choice out there to create a great monochrome outfit!!!

love Alice

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