Thursday 14 February 2013

beauty item of the week - maybelline 'falsies' mascara

 Maybelline 'the falsies' volume express mascara

I have quite thick eyelashes which are quite curled, I like to use mascara to make eyes look even brighter and really stand out. I seem to take ages putting on makeup so like the application of mascara to be quick, and I don't really curl my lashes, eyelash curlers look kinda complicated and scary, they are probably not but I haven't actually curled my lashes before, so anyway I wanted to find a mascara which made eyelashes look thick, dark and a bit longer.

after trying a few mascaras, and not using one for a while as I couldn't find one I liked, I actually didn't try that many!!! then I found the Maybelline 'falsies' one, the name kinda suggests it gives the false lash effect, which I like but don't really want to wear false lashes. I bought the waterproof version as it is probably safer and less likely to smudge once on, but it does take a while to take off, even with Bioderma.
 the brush itself is curved, which I think helps with an easy sweeping action to coat the lashes with a few strokes.
one side of the brush is flatter with shorter bristles which helps separate the lashes a bit, where as the other side thickens them.

I really like this mascara, yay, found a mascara I like!!!

love Alice

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