Thursday 7 February 2013

beauty item of the week- 17 eyebrow pencil

 I have always had quite thick eyebrows that don't really need much plucking, they have a natural arch so I like that I don't have to shape them much. 

I haven't really been doing anything to them for long, I quite like the shape of my eyebrows but sometimes I like to give them a bit more definition which kind of brightens the face.
 so I went on a search for and eyebrow pencil, I know some people use powder but I thought a soft pencil would probably be easier and I would less likely have smudges around my brow!!!
I tried a few on the back of my hand and a lot seemed to look either too light or reddish which don't really match my natural brow. then I found this boots 17 brow pencil in natural brown, which when tried on the back of my hand, actually looked brown, and it came with a little brush!!!
 this is me without using the pencil and with using the pencil, I think it adds defanition and contours the face some more.
side note - sorry I took the photos in two different rooms in my house, that's why the background and lightnings different, silly me.
anyway  the pencil can be used pressing lightly or more hard depending on the darkness of colour wanted, I tend to press quite lightly with short little lines.
I think the 17 brow pencil is great

love Alice

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