Thursday 21 February 2013

beauty item of the week - maybelline super stay lip gloss

 Maybelline 'super stay 10 hour tint gloss' in 'forever coral 410'

I love using lipstick and gloss I think it can really brighten faces, from the person wearing it to the admirer, lips are used soo much, a tool for talking [especially for me, cuz I talk a lot!!!] so I think lips deserve to be decorated sometimes.

I'm really loving red lips and love using my Revlon 'fire and ice' red lipstick, but when wanting something a bit less lipsticky I found this Maybelline lip gloss to be great!!!
I often find with lip glosses that they can be quite sheer, my lips are quite pigmented and not all one colour, so unless I want just some shine, a lot of lip glosses just do not show up. so I was really pleased this Maybelline lip gloss has a lot of colour which shows on my lips, yay.

 the lip gloss applicator has a spoon shaped wand. 
 at the end of the wand, one side is narrower which is great for the edge of the lips.
the other side is flat with a hole in the middle which the gloss sits in until used, this side is great for covering most of the lips.

below are some swatches I did, the lip gloss can be wore bright with a few layers or more subtle with just one layer.

love Alice

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