Thursday 21 December 2017

jacket and doodles

hello hello
some fun with a snuggly jacket and doodling

pine tree exploring and toasting marshmallows is never far away

Zara have had some awesome clothes this year and this jacket is no exception. I love a denim jacket, and this one has nice snuggly sleeves included, yasss. and it is a great accompaniment for a wander in the forest! with the weather getting a bit colder, legwarmers are pulled up, and a bit of fun in a local forest is achieved. before snuggling down for a Saturday night at home with chocolate treats and a bit of X factor on the telly!

in some spare time, I like playing about with photos, and doodled quite a bit when I was younger and the University of course, so I combined the two and did a bit of photo doodling for fun and added some more nice things to a photo. so… hey hey pine trees, wild flowers, snow and pumpkins 
four seasons in a picture

love Alice

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