Tuesday 26 November 2013

tartan and curly hair

hello... I love a bit of tartan and am styling a bit of double tartan here, maybe a more wintery feel to the double denim? this scarf leaps round my neck every time I leave the house, it is so snugly and warm and is likely to be in a few more posts. I did brave the cold to take a few photos without it though to showcase my tartan skirt from Urban Outfitters, the colours are so autumn winter, [style tick for me] and its made from brushed cotton which is really soft, ahh more snugly fabric, if I came across a bear in the wild rather than run I'd probably try to snuggle into it!!!

and the age old question is, do my feet look big in these? I think yes and seeing these photos they probably weren't the best for this outfit, but super models have big feet, right.

love Alice

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