Friday 22 November 2013

lipstick - Mac rebel

I remember my first proper lipstick I got for in my Christmas stocking in my early teens, I had described to my mum, who obviously told Father Christmas, about the deep purpley sort of colour I wanted, and I was so happy when I unwrapped my Rimmel dark fuschia lipstick. I didn't wear a lot of makeup as a teen but that lipstick was my lips companion for a long time, through my teens to my first few years a uni, I wasn't daring enough to wear it to its full coverage but I would smudge a bit on my finger and smudge it on my lips, making me feel great, even if it wasn't really noticeable.

then a few years ago my love affair with lipsticks hit off and a whole array of colours, formulas  and brands have paraded my lips. and recently another Mac lipstick was purchased, Mac rebel that happens to be a deep purpley colour and I seem to be reaching for it time and time again, almost in tribute to my aforementioned now kinda older Rimmel fuschia lipstick.
this Mac rebel lipstick is a satin finish which I find lasts a bit longer than a lot of creme finishes, great for when munching when out for the day. I have been enjoying using it dabbed on with a finger or straight on the lips and think it's a great colour for winter.

love Alice

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  1. that's a beautiful color :)