Saturday 23 November 2013


here are some of my latest loves, some things that make me go mmmmm yum!!!, ahh that's sooooo cute and revelations of brilliance.

Innocent smoothies big knit. it is not very often a week goes by where I don't taste the gorgeousness of an Innocent smoothie, this pomegranate, blueberry and acai one being a real favourite and my go to Monday afternoon treat, and at the moment it is the big knit campaign where some money from each purchase goes towards the charity age UK, which helps older people keep warm in the winter which is great and each bottle is adorned with a cute little knitted hat, I have collected quite a few over the years.

macaroooooons!!! I actually do not think I had tried a macaroon before last week, but know I have, and  they are not only really cute to look at and take a nice picture, but they taste L.O.V.E. lovely!!!  but I read they are quite difficult to make which may be why they are not the cheapest of confectionery and seemed somewhat allusive where I live, but I tracked them down in a local patisserie, yes. mmmmm almondy meringue scrumptiousness.

hello amaretto ice cream. a few weeks ago me and my mum went to the city of Bath, my university place, and after a lot of shopping, hello Mac cosmetics stand, we went to a Jamie's Italian restaurant and after demolishing a very tasty bowl of pasta, opted for the epic chocolate brownie for pudding that came with amaretto ice cream, that tasted like marzipan [marzipan is one of my favourite parts of a Christmas cake] both me and my mum agree it was epic. once I tasted that greatness I was on a search to find some more, what I call, marzipan ice cream. and when browsing the ice cream isles of the supermarket, one of my favourite pastimes, I found this one and it is creamy and so scrumptious.

autumn leaves and wonderful views. this is part of the view from my bedroom window and this photo doesn't really capture it, but I am lucky enough to have an awesome view. and come this time of year the skyline, foreground and in between gets filled with colour from not only the autumn leaves but hundreds of fieworks at night which are sooooo wonderful to watch being snugly at home.

wearing black. when looking through my mountains of clothes it would of been hard to spy a black item of clothing, and even less likely I would be wearing one [other than tights of course], but lately I have been liking it and have been wearing some black on numerous occasions, yes another excuse to go shopping, for more black items.

love Alice

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  1. Ha! I love it, this is just an all 'round feel good post!