Thursday 25 April 2013

OIW - where's the sunny weather!!! (OOTD)

OIW [outfit I wore] my snugly topshop jumper...

the weather couldn't seem to make up its mind this day [not that I can winge making decisions is not one of my strongest traits], one minute it was cloudy the next it was sunny, it was windy then not sooo windy, ahh windy weather when trying to take outfit photos, not so helpful!!!

to the clothes... I really like this oversize jumper, the computer and my debit card decided it was time to revisit the checkout of topshop online again and a few times at that and now this jumper is another member of my bedroom.
I like the stitch detail of the jumper, and it's snugly.
it can be worn with layers underneath when it's colder but also can be worn in warmer weather, the holes in the jumper let air through

I wore it with a chiffon layered skirt, again from topshop, it's not quite long enough when worn with shoes but is ok for relaxing in, and it would probably look better without the thick black tights underneath, but it was cold!!!

jumper= Topshop, watch= Micheal Kors, skirt= Topshop, boots= Dorothy Perkins

love Alice

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  1. So in love with your skirt and your lipstick!