Wednesday 10 April 2013

hair care!!!


ahh haircare I can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by haircare, sooooo much choice, so many brands, so many types and so many promises, what to buy???
I find if it sounds great [gets rid of frizz and leaves hair soft and smooth!!!]  and maybe after a bit of research on the blogasphere, try it, ok so my budget isn't one of a millionaire, [although my mental budget may be] so I may covet lots of high end brands, I'm thinking of you Bumble and Bumble, when I say try it it extends to mainly mid range brands under £15 and quite often under £5!!!

so here are some of lots of hair products I have tried, my hair is long, curly when left to dry and quite thick and can get fizzzzzzeee.

hello Tresemme split remedy, this bottle has been a frequent jumper out of my haircare draw. my hair has a few split ends, [it probably see more of my scissors from my stationary collection that that of a hair dressers] but this product seems to help. I use it after washing my hair, and apply it to the end lengths of my hair, straight after putting it on the split ends look reduced, the product doesn't make the hair feel like there is anything on it, the hair feels soft and smoother and feels protected. it doesn't seem to keep the split ends away forever, although I don't apply it really often but I sometimes put it on dry hair too when my hair ends look particularly frizzy, it helps smooth without leaving my hair crunchy.

ahh L'Oreal heat protection styling spray, I have tried this product a few times and it seems great!!! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with heat protection sprays, having ones where the bottle leaks, or  I don't like the smell of but I love that they protect the hair. when I wear my hair wavy or straight I use hair dryers and various straighteners so heat protection is great and this L'Oreal one protects aaaaand helps with styling without leaving my hair hard. I spritz it on wet hair, it feels a little sticky at first but that goes and it really seems to help keep lift at the roots and the style last longer, yay.

 on to Charles Worthington's intense rescue melting balm, it was quite a lot of money, about £16 but I got it for about £11 when it was on offer, I have only used this once, applying it to the ends of dry hair before washing my hair and once my hair was dry and styled I didn't really notice much difference to before I used it, so much for more expensive products,  but it does say to use it a few times, I do not know if there is anything that would leave my hair completely frizz free. one thing I did notice is that when washing my hair it was smoother and less knotty, it can get a tangled , quite tangled in the shower but after using this it didn't so much!!! yay

love Alice

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  1. I really want to try Tresemme split remedy :) x

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