Tuesday 9 April 2013

lip colour of the week!!! Revlon lip butter 063 wild watermelon


this weeks lip colour is... a Revlon lip butter... called... wild watermelon, number 063

 I really like this lipstick. I really like the colour and its smoooooothness when on the lips. I haven't actually used a lipbutter before this one, every time I went to try one in a store lots of them were all melted and smudged under the shop lights, but I really liked the colour of this one so had to buy it.
the formula is like butter [ahh I remember asking people if they liked butter with buttercup flowers!!!] the lipstick bullet is harder at first then as it is used it gets really soft like butter does, but it's not greasy!!! I can kinda get into a bit of a smudgy mess with some soft lipsticks, maybe a lip brush would be an idea, maybe I should put one on my shopping list. anyway once it is on the lips it's really moisturising and smooth.

the colour is red and pink with a hint of orange, it's quite opaque when on the lips but sheerer than a lipstick lipstick. the bullet looks red but when on the lips it has a nice pinkness!!!

[ok so my expression slightly reminds me of ollie from made in chelsea]

love Alice

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