Tuesday 8 January 2013

revlon lipstick

 welcoming 2013 with a lipstick kiss!!! so on lazy days, staying at home my lip product of choice is Vaseline, it may not be the most glamorous of products but it is a savoir to dry crinkly lips, I love soft lips and my lips love Vaseline. to be honest Vaseline has often been my lip product of choice where ever I go, it can leave lips nice and shiny for a while, but it was mainly because I hadn't always feel self confident enough to wear a bright lipstick or find one which went on my lips in a way I liked. the few years old lipsticks I had got, I'd put on my lips, look at myself in a mirror and then wipe most of the colour off until really, it was undetectable. I've been liking lipsticks lately though and loving the red lips look, especially in winter as my lips sometimes give of a blue tinge when being out in the cold for too long, lovely, not, a bit of colour helps to hide it, yay!!! and I think my lips deserve to get dressed up, especially because most my spare money gets spent on clothes. but Vaseline don't despair, I usually am wearing wearing a bit of Vaseline underneath, I find layering on some Vaseline to my lips before applying makeup and then taking off the excess and rubbing in the rest leaves a nice smooth base to apply some lipstick.

anyway to the lipstick, I have discovered some great lipsticks from Revlon,

 they are really pigmented and the bullet is soft and easy to apply, although it is not unusual for me to have to wipe off the excess smudges around my lips when applying lipstick straight from the bullet [clumsy lipstick applier]. does anyone have any great ways of applying lipstick? please comment!!!
 Revlon super lustrous in 720 fire and ice
this is a bright red it is very pigmented and smooth, I wore this for the whole day the other day and it lasted a long time and only really needed reapplying at the centre of my lips where they touch.
this lipstick also goes really nicely with the Revlon lip liner in red, which is a favorite!!!

 Revlon super lustrous in 415 pink in the afternoon

this is a pretty pink it is not too pale or too bright it's just a lovely colour for the lips, mwah.

 Revlon colourburst in 010 plum

this lipstick is a deep red plumy colour, the bullet is really soft and shiny, the bullet itself looks quite dark and the colour on the outer case looks brown, but it is actually slightly lighter and with hints of purple, pink and red.


now to find someone to test the kissing power!!!

love Alice

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  1. I think you work in a beauty polar. Your choice of lipstick is so sweet. great job.