Wednesday 16 January 2013

clothes, clothes, clothes

wow what a walk in wardrobe!!! featured in sex in the city the movie. not even in my dreams would it be likely I'd have a walk in wardrobe like this. the vast space is just waiting to be filled with mountains of clothes, and what fun it would be buying the clothes to fill it!!!
I'd really be happy with carries old walk in wardrobe as pictured below, it is hardly unreasonable, I could defiantly make great use of it.  

so my mountains of clothes and lack of walk in wardrobe led to a little diy project called trying to fix my chest of draws so; my draws actually work, I can actually tidy my room, my clothes don't get ruined by getting trapped in broken draws.

after numerous attempts to try and fix the draws including; 
using nails and a hammer= fail
using duct tape= fail 
using wood glue= fail
using wood glue and duct tape= still a fail ahhhhh

so the draws on each attempt held for a while, until I actually placed my clothes in them!!!
really the amount of clothes I own is just too much to try and get shoehorned into the chest of draws.

for a while my chest of draws looked like the above picture, with the bottom two draws missing and the other draws crammed with clothes, you may notice the clothes trying to escape from the third draw down. 

I love a tidy bedroom and looking at broken chest of draws was not great!!!
a great pair of draws was needed, teeteehee

so here are my lovely chest of draws

they are from IKEA and after my dad spent a day putting them together [thanks dad!!!] they were in my room just before Christmas, yay!!! and my clothes fit in them

love Alice

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  1. Ha! You are hilarious. I'm dying for a huge beautiful walk in closet with an area to do my makeup.....