Wednesday 8 August 2018

'ello weekday [includes video]

hello hello
jumping through the week 

so who said the weekdays had to be no fun or less fun in the weekends. I have been trying to get out of the house more rather than just sitting on the internet for hours. I like to meet my mum on her lunch break, sit out on the veranda getting some fresh air, go on little road trips, little things like this, little grasps of freefun. and having OCD just achieving running some errands and doing a bit of food shopping, rather than just doing things at the weekend, because of how difficult it is for me to get ready to leave the house, really help make a week feel more worthwhile. so on this day I got up and got dressed, not just into my pyjamas, and went to meet my mum for her lunch, came home had some fun on the Veranda in the fresh air, and then they road tripped out again to meet my mum when she finish work for a coffee and afternoon snack before some food shopping and coming home again, yay

love Alice

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