Friday 5 January 2018

a little cute in the cold

hello hello
some warm items

it is the time of year for big snuggly jumpers,  lots of layers of clothes, and lighting candles for warmth, not just because they look lovely. alright it is cold outside, but I'm a girl who likes her denim shorts, no matter the time of year it is. yeah I have some jeans but sometimes they're so constraining and sometimes a bit boring.  I say shorts are awesome and are able to be worn in the cold weather, okay I might get some funny glances, when they can't be seen under a long top or coat. but I wear tights.  yasss to tights... and long socks and legwarmers that not only help in keeping me a bit warmer but being a bit of excitement outfit out in the cold. yay to staying a little cute

love Alice

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