Wednesday 30 August 2017

strawberry Sunday-[includes recipe]

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a sunny summer Sunday with strawberries and sound systems

I love this veranda, it's a great place for lots of fun, whether it's sunny or raining it can be decorated with all sorts of home comforts for any time if year. I love getting some cushions and blankets and enjoying some outside air, it's like an outside living room. Urban Outfitters has a great range of cushions and throws, my online shopping basket always has a list of things in it, they have a load of  home comforts to make any area a bit more comfy and stylish. and with a comfy and stylish area set up this veranda is an awesome area to listen to, or dance [I love dancing about on my own at home where any shapes can be thrown without judgements], to music outside. music could fill this space as the main feature for a party or end of it meal dance off. and it is great having music playing in the background while chatting with friends, having a alfresco feast or just playing and having fun on the Sunday afternoon, it can really to set the atmosphere for every activity. and the Panasonic Multi Room Speakers could be a great way to do this, without wires why not place the speakers outside and play some tunes, creating an awesome atmosphere for some fun! 

so the other Sunday, after bit of a road trip to the coast, I came home and it was still light and warm, so had some more outside fun;

with Cory my dog, who I get some great glances off of while dancing about, his tail wagging away, I'm not sure if he actually completely understands music when it is playing but he sure gets the excitement and fun when it's singing away and getting danced to. 

and some strawberries left from the strawberry picking that I did other day. lanterns lit, marshmallow fluff on the side, and my awesome ceramic leaf plate as a place to capture the niceties 

here is a little recipe to make some strawberries even more fun:


get a skewer, skewer some strawberries, then either dip or with a knife cover with some marshmallow fluff and then toast above a flame, and enjoy, yay 

love Alice

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