Thursday 4 July 2013

some lip scrub and lip butter - soft lips


 I have been liking  theses two little products, Lush's lip scrub in popcorn and Nivea's lip butter in vanilla and macadamia ...

just smelling them and it's um ummmm
for some super soft lips in steps lip scrub a little pot filled with caster sugar, coconut oil and amongst other things some popping candy designed to smooth the lips and get rid of any dry skin. scrub a bit on the lips and it is designed to be licked of and can be eaten if wanted
then walks in lip butter, I really like this vanilla and macadamia one, it is thick and smooth and smells l..o..v..e lovely it also lasts and nourishes the lips for quite a while aaaaand it is not really expensive, yay

ummmmm soft lips

love Alice

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1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful combination! I'm dying to try that popcorn scrub!