Wednesday 24 July 2013

sloppies!!! (OOTD)

 this outfit is all about comfy sloppies for running and jumping aaaaand sitting and snuggling

 I really love a sloppy jumper, sooooo snugly and I love the colour and snuglyness of this one. the skirt is a high waisted River Island number I really love its relaxed colour and it is really comfy. and of course my converse

 and I am also loving my Micheal Kors watch that I have had for a while, I like having a watch that goes with all my clothes.

jumper = New Look, watch = Micheal Kors, skirt = River Island, shoes = Converse

snuggle snuggle snuggle


love Alice

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1 comment:

  1. Great outfit. Actually that's pretty much whatever I wear when I'm playing with my dog!