Monday 17 September 2012

actually need or just really really would like

without getting too deep i was just thinking about that great feeling when buying [or about to buy, or just seeing] a lovely item of clothing, soo good, but often with a dwindling bank account it can be followed by 'should i have bought that? do i really need it?' the question of whether actually needing to buy that item or just really really liking it can sometimes sadden a shopping trip [going out as if having a money tree can be much more exciting] but thinking about my post about 'to buy or not to but that item of clothes'  and how the last few shopping trips i have been on have still been fun and i didn't buy any clothes i'm thinking the good endorphins the world of fashion seem to give off are so great just being around fashion is fun and exciting
[ok so not sure if this makes much sense to someone else reading it, sorry]

anyway here's some things i really really like, may not be able to buy right now but still love looking at them

from mulberry
love the tan colour mulberry bags eee [would like a mulberry bag tree as well as a money tree]

from wildfox
i love lots of wildfox's jumpers

love alice

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